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By Robert Oertel, Profusely illustrated

The honour of Italian Renaissance artwork has overshadowed the paintings of previous Italian masters. long ago century, a large number of panel work and frescoes of striking value have come to gentle, and those masterpieces demonstrate a hitherto unknown paintings of exceptional richness. In Early Italian portray, artwork historian Robert Oertel, director of the image gallery of the kingdom Museum in Berlin-Dahlem, provides a whole account of Italian portray from the darkish a while to the brink of the Renaissance. starting with the earliest examples within the 5th to 7th centuries, he advances to the enormous works of the 11th century— akin to SantAngelo in Formis—and the advance of panel portray within the following centuries. the main a part of the ebook concentrates on Cimabue, Duccio, Simone Martini, the Lorenzettis, and, chiefly, Giotto.

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