Download Pathfinder Module: The Godsmouth Heresy by Rob McCreary PDF

Download Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide by Jason Bulmahn PDF

Download Victorian Lost (Changeling: the Lost) by Travis Stout, Jess Hartley, John Snead, Joseph D. Carriker PDF

Download Pathfinder Module: The Witchwar Legacy by Greg A. Vaughan PDF

Download Wraith: The Oblivion (2nd Edition) by Sam Chupp, Richard Dansky, Jennifer Harshorn PDF

Download Path of Magic: A Character Resource for Bards, Sorcerers, by Sam Witt, James Maliszewski, Shaun Cashman, Brian Patterson PDF

Download Threats of the Galaxy (Star Wars Roleplaying Game) by Owen K. C. Stephens, Rodney Thompson PDF

Download Sorcerer: The Annotated Sorcerer by Ron Edwards PDF

Download Court of Ardor in Southern Middle-earth (MERP ICE #2500) by Terry K. Amthor PDF

Download Open Grave (Dungeons & Dragons: Supplement, 4th Edition) by Bruce R. Cordell, Eytan Bernstein, Brian R. James PDF